Sub-Sahara Africa Council of


The Sub Sahara Africa Council of Entrepreneurs connects businesses of all sizes, from all sectors and from all regions of the continent to advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses, communities and families across Africa.

Member of Sub-Sahara Council of Entrepreneurs

Our members enjoy a variety of opportunities that enable them to connect with potential investors, partners or even clients.

Assisting Businesses Grow & Meaningful Interactions

We help our members grow their business through a structured, positive and professional referral program, Interactions, Workshops, and, Trade fairs.


Sub Sahara Africa Council of Entrepreneurs  members are reputable businesses and individuals, operating in over 120 countries worldwide.

Range of Services, all Designed to Empower our Members

The Sub Sahara Africa Council of Entrepreneurs now offers a range of free advertising services for members!The Council offers a range of opportunities for free advertising for Council members. Your message can be seen by more than 2.3 million CEO’s and senior executives.

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